Irish TV reports on 'meteor crater' on Dublin beach… that was actually a hole dug by pals with bucket and spades four days before

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  • The giant hole sparked serious debate among astronomers…until the big reveal

When an astrophysics enthusiast stumbled across a huge crater on a beach in Ireland yesterday, he was ecstatic at the thought of it being a huge scientific discovery.

With an abandoned ‘meteorite’ in hand, Dave Kennedy claimed to others it had come from ‘up above’ and the hole was the ‘aftermath of a cosmic event’ on Portmarnock beach in County Dublin.

Unfortunately, the cosmic event turned out to have been two young men digging a hole in the sand during Saturday’s heatwave.

The hole had prompted serious speculation, with astrophysics enthusiasts debating the depth of the indents in the sand which might link it to a celestial event.

Also found was a small but heavy rock inside the crater – sparking further debate as to whether it was a meteorite.

The Virgin Media News report on the 'meteorite strike'

The Virgin Media News report on the ‘meteorite strike’

The pals dig the hole during a trip to the beach four days earlier

The pals dig the hole during a trip to the beach four days earlier 

Mr Kennedy said: ‘As you can tell here there is a scorch mark on the side, so that would have been at the angle that it came down at and its weighty.

‘I’m not sure of its composition, but we’re definitely going to have to find out.

‘Only about a month ago I was watching a documentary from NASA on exactly what you’re looking at behind you, so when I looked at it and saw how uniform it is, I knew immediately that what I was looking at is an impact site,’ he added.

Also falling for the prank was Virgin Media News, which in last night’s news bulletin reported on the ‘meteorite crater’ and a reporter sent to investigate interviewed Mr Kennedy.

The news reporter circles the ‘out of this world’ discovery, claiming that it was ‘causing a stir among locals who had rushed down to view what they thought was a ‘once in a lifetime cosmic event’.

One woman even posted on a community page regretting that many people will have simply ‘walked past the crater not realising what it was’.

Virgin Media has since reported that the ‘mystery’ has been ‘solved’ – after someone posted on social media a clip of two Irish men digging the crater with two green children’s spades.

The post read: ‘Lads I’m in bits… Some fellas literally dug it the day before with a kid’s shovel… The way your man was talking about the rock being an asteroid had me in tears.’

One of the culprits, Charlie Wallace, was left in stitches after he and his friends made the news. 

Despite proof that the hole was lovingly created by a pair of green shovels, Mr Kennedy said he is still going to get the abandoned rock tested. 

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